Why just listen to music? Invest in it.

SongStax. The world’s first stock market for songs.

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Created for the independent artist and music lovers alike, SongStax is the only place where both the artist and the music fan can profit from the music they love.

With SongStax music fans can participate in the artist’s success by investing in their songs in the world’s first stock market for songs. Why pay a fee to download or stream music when you can buy and sell “shares” of the songs you really like and believe others will too?

$1.24 +.31


Mascot, Mascot Punk, Rock

Your investments will grow as more fans invest.

Your shares change in value as other investors buy and sell shares in the same song. Invest in a great song and earn real money from your music investment! Share on social media to promote your investments and encourage your friends. The more people invest in a song, the more valuable it becomes.

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Discover the hottest new way to enjoy and cash in on the music and artists you love!

Starting with a minimum $5 investment you can grow a new music library that can actually increase in value. Each time a new song share is bought, the shares you own of that song increase in value. As an investor you’ll receive unlimited streams of any song you own shares of!

Find new music, buy multiple shares, play the market to increase your profits and support the artists who make the music valuable!

$ 5


No monthly commitment,
pay and play as you please

How SongStax Works

  • An artist publishes a song on SongStax and 10,000 shares are available for sale.
  • Share prices start at 1 cent per share, and as shares are sold, the share price increases (e.g., first 125 cost 1¢, next 125 cost 2¢).
  • Investors can sell back their shares to SongStax for 70% of current value to earn a profit!
  • Once all shares of a song are sold, the song becomes eligible in the SongStax™ OpenMarket where investors are able to buy and sell shares to other users for full market value!

Why Invest in Music?

Before SongStax, music fans could ONLY pay to buy, download or stream music.

Fans can become part of the action by “investing” in the music with our state of the art platform where shares of songs are bought and sold by the fans. If you invest in a song at the right time, and the value of that song increases, you earn real money from your SongStax investments!

For the real music lover, SongStax is the place to prove you have the best taste in music. You can discover the next hit song or the next star! Now you can be a part of the artist’s success by supporting them and sharing in the profits.

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For the Artist

Sell shares of your song on SongStax, where users can discover and invest in your music!

When your music is featured on SongStax, you retain all rights to your creation. 10,000 shares of your songs are made available for users to invest in, promote within their social circles and earn you money! Artists receive 70% of all profits made from their songs on SongStax!

You can earn as much as *$2,385 from as few as 100 investors!

*Based on 10,000 shares IPO, 100 users buy max 100 shares, no sell backs

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